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My passion for photography started from attending air shows as a young kid. After searching forums and online galleries for photos of the very show I attended, I became mesmerized by how the photographers captured the feel, mood, and action from these amazing flying events. Starting with my family’s point and shoot camera, I thought I would give it a go. After years of trial and error, a very special Christmas present, and a little guidance from professionals, I finally found my way into the world of aviation photography. Shortly after, I created FlyAwayPhotos.com in June of 2005 to store my photos and show my family and friends how powerful, yet, elegant these aircraft can be. After getting positive feedback my hobby started to turn into my life passion.

Air show season ranges from March to October, which usually leaves the winter months quite uneventful. After over hearing from a friend that a road that borders the Philadelphia International Airport is open to the public, I was in the car minutes later with my camera in hand. Equivalent to baseball card collecting and fishing, spotting was the solution to my air show off-season woes. Overlooked by just about every airline passenger, some aircraft liveries are nothing short of masterpieces, with some being one of a kind. You never know what paint scheme you are going to capture as a plane enters the approach pattern.

After shooting nothing but aviation for years, I started to get my feet wet in the photography world. There was no limit to what I shot, and if there was, finding a way to capture it was a challenge well accepted. I used the world as a way to hone my skills and talent for aviation photography, and vice versa. I created my current site to fit the name and medium of the wide range of my work, but as high school came to an end, it was time to think about my future.

Air shows not only fueled one passion for me, but it also found my way into the United States Air Force. Using my education benefits, I continued to pursue my dream and studied art at Rowan University, in Glassboro, New Jersey. Being surrounded by some of the best artists and mentors in the Northeast region, my skills were refined, critiqued, and valued to produce the best work I have ever shot. Every picture on this site is the very best of me, and having the world enjoy it, makes all of the time spent capturing life through my eyes worth it.

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